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A School Revitalization Project For St. Andrew Jamaica

Mission: To revitalize a school within an impoverished community by providing a physical transformation and to implement programs that will educate, develop and technologically advance the under-served children in Kingston, Jamaica.

Trip to Jamaica

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December 2011

Please join CASACO Foundation volunteers as we travel to Jamaica to provide education, health and economic support to children in Kingston and St Mary in December.  More information will be coming soon.  To learn more about our upcoming outreach projects in Jamaica, please click here to contact us.

Recent News

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Kingston, Jamaica - December 2010

Jan 16, 2011

One Love 4 Kids's volunteers visited the Best Care Children's Home during the organization's multi-event community outreach project carried out in Kingston Jamaica in December 2010.

Our Mission

One Love 4 Kids's mission is to improve educational, economic, and health outcomes for impoverished children and families in Jamaica and the Caribbean Region. The organization supports parents and caregivers so that they can empower their children and support community-wide enhancements in education, health, and development.
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